Photo by Patricia Rose

"Photography is the thread that binds my life together."

Starting at an early age, when my grandmother Bradley gave me a camera from Boyd's in Wilton Center, I took pictures of the things that I loved. At first it was pictures of my brother and sister, our pet box turtle, and the plants around us. People and the natural world, continue to fascinate and inspire me. But so do historic buildings and objects: shapes, angles, colors, shadows; anything can catch my eye, and appeal to me.

Reflecting my diverse interests, I attended five colleges before completing my degree at age thirty. I received a Liberal Arts degree with a concentration in Ethno-botany from Vermont College. I have had several solo shows in both Connecticut and Vermont and have participated in numerous local shows. These include exhibitions at the Tinmouth Community Center, The Old Firehouse, Carriage Barn Arts Center, Ridgefield Guild of Artists, Norwalk Camera Club, Wilton Arts Council, Gilbert and Bennett Community Cultural Center, and local libraries and nature centers.

It gives me great pleasure to share my photos with others and to find shared interest and experience through photography.